Last updated on 29 May 2015

Lariam - anti-malaria drug and its side-effects

(Lariam is also known as Mefloquine)

After having our own nightmare with Lariam I decided to do a little reading to simply find out more about this drug. We were on our way to Zimbabwe for a short stay there and decided to take precautions against malaria. Not knowing any better, we visited our local GP which recommended Lariam. Two weeks into the course we both realised that things were not going well.

Paranoia, accute vertigo, bouts of depression and a general tendancy to have a little tiff with my partner were but a few of the side-effects of this drug. Lariam does not affect all people and is very effective at preventing malaria, but be warned!

The following links list a few sites that had similar horror stories:

If you are looking for an alternative to Lariam, please consult the Center for Disease Control's list of antimalarials.

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